Korean Kount Down

Been off the air for a few months as I've been busy with the kids, housework and hobby stuff. So to start off this new year and the second post on the War Room, I thought I would put up some pics of something I've been working on for MONTHS! Back in 2006 I came across the 1/144 Wing Club kits that are produced in Japan. The basic idea and word for them are Gashapon, or Capsule toys. I started thinking that 1/144 WWII aircraft would be GREAT for 15mm WWII war gaming. You could have the land battle happening and add in air support. In turn this air support could be attacked by fighters and now you not only have a ground combat game but air combat. I thought this would be GREAT! I picked up a bunch from a guy on Ebay out of Toronto. I discussed the idea with one of my friends, he told me it was a dumb idea. I let it sit and low an behold the same friend ended up doing Check Your Six, which just happens to be WWII aircombat and guess what scale he decided to do! Anyway, 2007 came along and I picked up some 1/144 F-86 thinking it would be great to do a Korean air war Game. I let them sit as I couldn't find any 1/144 Mig-15's. Now we come to 2008, December to be exact. F-toy releases their early Jet's series and I FINALLY have my Mig-15's as well as Meteor F.1! So this brings us to 2009. I finally got some of the aircraft done. Thursday Feb 12 has been deemed Korean War night and the idea I had back in 2006 has finally come to fruition. So here are some WIP picks of my F-86's and Mig-15's. These are painted and decaled only. No other work has been done yet.

F-86 Butcherous Butch:

046.jpg image by werwulfD

015.jpg image by werwulfD

020.jpg image by werwulfD

Mig-15 Honcho's

029.jpg image by werwulfD

016.jpg image by werwulfD

017.jpg image by werwulfD

Pleb Mig-15 :

050.jpg image by werwulfD

This is a Mig-17 done up in VPAF scheme. I'm using this as a Proxy Mig-15 as I didn't buy enough F-Toy Mig-15's. This will make a reapperance in a future Vietnam Air War game.

032.jpg image by werwulfD

So that's it. Tomorrow, weathered F-86's, Mig-15's and Perhaps F-84's!!!!

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