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Hello again,
                   New reviews of some Dust Tactics/Warfare Allied units.  Lets begin shall we.

First up is the Red Devil's.
 First of the British Allies produced by FFG are the 3rd Para Brigades British Para's.

What comes out of the box.

 These dude's look great, again in the XM-18-22 assault armor minus the rocket packs.  They are packing some significant punch with the Rocket punch and a prototype 60W phaser gun.

Leadership for the Allies is provided in the "Heavy Rangers Command Squad".

 This set provides 1 Heavy Officer, 1 Heavy Mechanic and 1 Heavy Medic.  I love the dual .30 cal "Victory" Machine-gun of  The Medic and Officer.  The added stowage packs on the armor make these figures much more unique than say "The Hammers" squad from the core set, and the welders mask of the mechanic is simply, COOL.   The poses are much nicer and look a little more fluid.  Besides the weapons already mentioned, these gentleman are equipped with Rocket Punch and the Mechanic is armed with a flamethrower, not sure if the spanner he is carrying in his left hand can be used in close combat!

More XM-18-22 clad Heavy Rangers show up as the "Grimm Reapers" attack squad.   These guys look similar to "The Hammers" in the Core set, but with a twist in the form of helmets and twin .30 cal Victory MG's.  Unlike any of the previous armored figures, these guys DO have the rocket packs.


I picked up a couple walkers with this order.  The first is the Medium Combat Walker (MCW) -3.

 What I really like about FFG is that, for there walkers, they provide multiple weapons and in this case multiple turrets for different variants and at a reasonable price.  I recall I got this kit for $20.00

The M-3 can be fitted with a wading trunk, as in the above photo, and pontoons to the legs to provide power for an amphibious walker.  I love this idea being very interested in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

 This is the turret for the Cobra variant, mounting a 180 Watt Phaser Gun.

And this is the Twin 40mm Anti Aircraft cannons of the Rattler variant.

 What I failed to mention was that a .50 Cal Machine Gun and Spotlight are provided for the cupola and that a .30 cal MG is positioned in a ball tuuret on the front hull.

 This, so far is the MOTHER of all Dust Mini's, the M-6 Heavy Assault Walker.

 Again this comes with 2 optional variants, the dual 155mm Howitzer packing "Punisher, shown here and the "Fireball" toting a Napalm thrower.  Also equipped on bother are the dual .50 cal. and .30 cal Victory MG's  The dual .30 cal's are mounted in a gun cupola and the .50 on a cupola mount.  Also of noet is that the dozer blade is movable and I'm sure any enterprising hobbyist could pop off the cupolas and open the hatches.  As a matter of fact the back loading hatches came off on mine with little effort

 The only problem with the kit, the feet.

 The twin 155mm howitzers and the Fireball Nap thrower.  Love the sharks mouth.
 The .50 Cal. MG mount

 This is the rear loading hatch I had mentioned, came off with little effort.  Reading the Dust Warfare rules this can be used to embark Allied troops or as a mobile command post.

Well, That it for my Allied purchases and reviews for now.  I'll be back in a day or so with reviews of the Axis troops and Walkers as well as SSU troops.  Hope this helped you figure out what's in the packs.

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