Some Old Stuff.

During my 4 year...vacation, I did continue to work on some projects and put on a couple games.  Here are some pics of unfinished, modified Heavy Gear mini's from Dream Pod 9 .  Also included are pics of a Korean air war game I put on with C21 air war by Wessex Games  and Star Wars in 1/144, with the same rules.  Enjoy.

Northern Gears and Strider

Hunter with Bayonet.

Running Head Hunter (Commander).

Hunter with a Heavy Auto Cannon.

Hunter with Light Bazooka.

Mammoth Strider.

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Mammoth after touch-ups.
Ferret recon Gear in custom pose.


Southern Gears and Strider

Jager Command


Jager with Medium Bazooka

Jager with Heavy Auto Cannon

Recon Jager with Light Pulse Laser Cannon

Naga Strider, this was heavily converted by cutting the leg at the knee and foot and repositioning and detailing all actuators.

C21 Korean Air War game.

These are some pictures from a game I put on back in 2010.  This game had the American forces equipped with 2 F-86's and 2 F-84's.  Their objective was to get the 2 F-84's to the drop zone,which was the opposite edge of the board.  The North Korean were equipped with 4 or 6 Mig-15's, one being an NVPAF Mig-17 as a stand-in.

F-84 being chased by a Mig-15.

Mig-17 standing in for a mig-15

Another attack on the thud.

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Mig's closing!

Mig's finally score a hit.

one of the F-84's scored some hits!

Mig's jockey for position.

The air space.

Star Wars Fighter Battle

This was a game I put on in late 2010, using the C21 airwar rules for a Star Wars fighter game.  These are the 1/144 scale F-Toy miniatures.  The scenario was much like the above Korean game, having 2 Y-Wings being escorted by 4 X-Wings to the Death Star's trench.  The Empire deployed 9 Tie-Fighters to defend against the attack.
The Rebels move first.

A lone Y-Wing defends against 4 Tie's.

The X-Wings accelerate to defend the lone Y-Wing.

X-Wings pick the targets.

The beginning of a fur-ball.

The Ties close for the kill.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned.

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