15mm Comparisons

When I started collecting modern forces in the 90's the thing I wished most was to have pictures of manufacturers products and photos of different manufacturers mini's compared to each other.  It would have save SO much time and MONEY!  So when I started this blog, one of the things I wanted to strive for were shots of product and comparisons for other games to check out, to help them choose what companies they wanted to get their forces from.  This is my first comparison shot of 8 manufacturers of 15mm figures.  A word of caution, the Old Glory modern Americans are not modern, they will fit as infantry for 1985 to 1995.  The Rebel Minis are modern infantry as of 2004.  The Flashpoint Miniatures USMC are the first issue of mini's they did in, I believe 2007 and the Flashpoint NVA are the second batch done by them before being bought by Siege Work Studios.  I put 2 different Peter Pig mini's up as the IDF Infantry are an older fig and seem a tad smaller to the new USMC.  Hope this helps you out.

Left to Right: MJ Figures Falklands Line, Flashpoint Miniatures US Marines Vietnam (old) Line, Flashpoint Miniatures NVA Vietnam line, Old Glory Afghan Irregulars, Old Glory Middle East Regulars, Old Glory Modern Americans, Rebel Miniatures Modern Americans, Peter Pig USMC, Peter Pig Israeli Infantry, QRF US Vietnam, Flytrap Factory MERC Rifles, GZG UNSC Infantry.

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