Fall is for the Falklands!

Haven't posted in a while as we bought a new house and have been moving from our other house for the past couple weeks.  Not only that but 2 hours of Physio a day takes quite a lot out of a person, and to be honest, when I get home after 2 hours in the" House of Pain" I just want to lie on the couch and veg.

The summer has seen some major punches to the wallet and this will be the beginning of a look at what 3 months of no work has brought, or as my wife likes to call it, what miffed her off this summer.  Shall we begin:

As the title implies,the fall will see a many year decision to take on the Falklands in 15mm.  My love affair with the Falklands, or as the Argentinians call it the Malvinas War, started back in the late 80's when I began to flirt with GDW's Harpoon.  Harpoon is a naval war game that was based on the same wargame used by the United States Navy.  An interesting side note, Larry Bond writer of Harpoon, in his forward of Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising, notes of their use to game out many of the battles depicted.

Anyway, One of the scenario book I purchased was The South Atlantic War campaign.   My group would game some of these Naval/Air battles on the Living room floor, with my love of this period growing and growing.

Approximately 5 years ago, I began looking at doing the land portion of the War and came across a 15mm Falklands range by Sheildwall Games.  I did try to purchase these minis, but after sending money and not receiving anything for months, My hopes were dispatched.

After the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands war on June 14th 2012, I began to get the itch again and went searching for 15mm figures for this period.  I was lucky enough to find that MJ Figures picked up the line from Sheildwall, or started to put out the line, which ever.

So I placed my order August 3 and about  a week and a half later a little box showed up at the Post office and this is what was inside:

British Para in Beret.

British Para in Helmet.

Gurkha rifles.

British Special Boat Service.

Argentine Infantry for foxholes.
Argentine Special Forces.
Argentine Infantry II.

What can I say about these figures?  They are bigger than 15mm, almost 20mm, though they look good.  The detail is nice, not as detailed as say Peter Pig minis, but measured up to Battle Front/Flames of War quality.   The British and Argentinians are armed with the kit of the time, FN FAL and FN MAG and I do believe that at lease on of the Para's is armed with the L2A1 Sterling.  A couple British Mini's are armed with the M-72 LAW and in kind, the Argentinians have M-20 Super Bazooka. The Scorpion is a nice mini and is about the sames as QRF's
QRF's Scorpion on the left, MJ's on the right.
What I like about the MJ Scorpion is it gives you 3 different barrels, one for the 76mm Scorpion, one for the 30mm FV107 Scimitar and the third, not to sure.

Argentine Panhard AML 90

Though not used much in the war, the Panhard AML 90 was deployed by Argentine forces as static pill boxes.  Again, the quality of the MJ mini is very good.  The axles are a nice touch.
All in all, I'm pleased with these mini's and my thanks to Mark at MJ Figures for sending Sand bagged Fox Holes free of charge for the Argentine as I neglected to order them.  Hope this shed some light on thees mini's for you.  Stay tuned for a review of some Ground Zero Games, Rebel and Irish Reb Mini's in the next couple days.

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