Fantastic Flytrap Factory

Last week I FINALLY got the minis ordered from Flytrap Factory back on August 2nd.  Aside from the lengthy delay in shipping, these look great!  They remind me of the old Flashpoint Miniatures done a few years back in the same neck of the woods, New Zealand.  Anyway, lets take a peak:

U.S. Special Operations HMMWV
The Special Operations Humvee comes in white resin with metal bits with a gun shield, 2 crew men, 1 M2 .50 cal. and some extra gear.  This is a nice mini, unfortunately mine came with a lot of bubbles all over.  Barring that it's a very cool mold and looks very neat with all the kit strewn about the vehicle. 

Spec. Ops HMMWV, with Rebel Mini's Modern American Infantry, Flytrap Factory USMC, Peter Pig, USMC and Flytrap Factory Royal marines.

British Royal Marines.
The Royal Marines are VERY nice molds.  I am by NO mean an expert on kit, but looks like this set comes with 7 lads with L85A1/2's , 2 L85A1/2 with the 40mm Grenade launcher attached, 2 Minimi's and 1 Afghan interpreter.  All rifles are also equipped with the SUSAT optics.  All dudes are wearing the Mk. 6 Combat helmet, while 3, one with a radio kit, are bare head.

The U.S. Marines are very nice sculpts as well, though in my opinion, not as nice as the Peter Pig Marines.  In this set you get  8 Devil Dogs with M-16, 2 with M-16/203's and 3 with SAW's.  They appear to be wearing the Coyote Outer Tactical Vest.
 Doesn't appear to be any communications dudes in this set, nor any indigenous translator like the Royal Marines set

IJB Insurgent Cell

The IJB insurgent cell is basically Taliban, and a variety of armament they do have!  With the ubiquitous AK-47's, AKS-74,  RPG's you also get 2 RPD's, one SAW and would you believe 2 Lee-Enfields and a DPM!

Merc Rifle squad.
The last set I got was a MERC rifle squad.  These dudes wear soviet M 40/60/68 helmets, though there are 3 that look like they have the SPHERA dome.  Weapons are again AK-47's, AKS-47, 2 RPG's, 3 RPD's or PKM's and one Dragunov, who is also wearing a Ghillie suit.

All in all, these are good sculpts.  They have more of a heroic look like Flames of War mini's.  Also detail on some of the weapons is a little soft, and the bubbles on the Humvee were a bit of a let down, but I was happy to finally get these after over a month wait.  I look forward to seeing what else Flytrap Factory is going to release in it's "Warfighter" series.

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tammy green said...

What scale is that?
If it's 20 mm I have better ones for you.
Here is an example:

Let me know.