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Early last year we bought an Xbox 360 and one of the first games my son wanted was HALO 3.  Since then he has gone head over heals for anything HALO.  For Christmas this year I thought I would get him the HALO Encyclopedia.  Well that was a double edged sword as I found myself getting sucked into the book and thinking this stuff is very cool!  So one of the many things I wanted to get this summer were some Sci-Fi figures that would fit my sons interest in HALO, specifically HALO ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers).  What I also wanted to do was to get something that would fit with my Heavy Gear minis as well.  Though I like the idea of HALO, the time line and especially the gear, the idea of Space Para's has always intrigued me.

My choice was not hard at all as I've always loved the 15mm figures produced by Ground Zero Games.  After checking all the mini's I finally decided on the UNSC for my ODST's.  Convenient as the Earth troops in HALO are also know as UNSC (United Nations Space Command). So here is what the packs look like:

UNSC Light Infantry with rifles Pack A.

UNSC Light Infantry with rifles Pack B.
UNSC Light Infantry with SAW.
UNSC Light Infantry Command.

UNSC Light Infantry Support weapons pack with Gauss and Guided Missile System

UNSC Light Infantry with Light portable Anti-Armor Missile.

I love the look of these mini's, the helmets especially.  They have the ODST look to them, but I may add some more kit to them in the form of more pockets and pouches 'cause personally I think Para's look good with extra ammo pouches and the like.

To go with these I also wanted to have Halo Troopers.  These were a bit trickier as there are 2 different  factions that could fit the trooper look. 

HALO Heavy Trooper.
  Unfortunately with the new GZG store, the wonderful picture of the old site have disappeared and in place are small, less detailed picture, which is a pity as GZG mini's are SO much more detailed than the pictures show.  Finally I decided to just buy both factions and figure out for myself which fit better.  My choices were the Islamic Federation in helmets and Oceanic Union Defense Corps in helmets.

Islamic Federation Infantry in Helmets

Islamic Federation Infantry kneeling and prone.

These didn't satisfy my wants for heavy troops as their kit is very light and they all seem to be equipped with light weapons.  My son looked at them and said, hey those could be light troopers.  With the voice or reason speaking, they are now Light troopers.

UNSC Light Trooper

Looking at the OUDF for the first time I new these were going to be heavy troopers.  They have extra gear mounted all over and the helmets just scream trooper!

Oceanic Union Defense Force in Helmets.

Oceanic Union Defense Force.

 These mini's really look the part, and I do know my picture are not great, but you really have to see these mini's to understand how great they really are.

While I was buying mini's I thought I would take a crack at the New Anglican Confederation.  Why you may ask?  I really like the look of the helmets.

British MK6 helmet.
  And if I were to choose Sci-Fi British troops, it would certainly be the NAC, again I think it's the helmets.  So lets take a peak at what they look like:

New Anglican Confederation Infantry prone and kneeling

New Anglican Confederation Infantry Rifles Pack A.

New Anglican Confederation Infantry Rifles Pack B.

New Anglican Confederation Infantry with SAW.

New Anglican Confederation Command. 

New Anglican Confederation Support with Laser Sniper rifles and GMS.

New Anglican Confederation Anti-Armor with Gauss and GMS.

I can't express how much I love all these figures.  They just look....right! All the mini's are crisp, they all scale well together and I like the poses and weapons choices.   The other thing I like is that there is such a variety in the pack, especially the NAC.  Some of the NAC have their visors down, others don't and in fact in the command pack one of the troops is a woman, the one holding her helmet.   As for an overall review I can't say one bad thing about GZG.   I placed my order on a Monday and Jon at GZG email me to let me know the order went out the next day. Tuesday of the next week I had my minis!  I have NEVER had something from the UK, nor over seas, delivered so fast!  Not only that but Jon saw fit to put in a sample pack of some OFFICIAL Tomorrow's War 15mm mini's and here they are:

 They have a  United States Colonial Marine Corps./ Samurai look to them.

 Anyway, that's it for the Human Forces.  The Aliens are coming from Khurasan as of last Tuesday and will hopefully be hear this week.

Once again thanks to Jon at GZG for getting these out so fast and for the sample mini's.

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