Irish Serbs M2 Bradley

Haven't posted in a couple days, so another review.  When I picked up Irish Serbs AAV-7A1, I also decided to purchase his M2 Bradley and both do not disappoint.  Here, finally is the M2 Bradley:

Irish Serb's M2 Bradley with Rebel mini's Modern Americans and Peter Pigs USMC for scale.

Left to right, Flytrap Factories USMC, Peter Pig's USMC, Flytrap Factory, Royal Marines and Rebel Mini's Modern Americans.

Same as above.
Again, Irish Serb doesn't disappoint.  Nice, crisp detail, no mold marks, very nice.  Again, my only hang up is the tracks, very generic, but everything else...superb.
Thanks again to Irish Serb for this wonderful addition.  Coming up, Flytrap Factory's Warfighter Minis.

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