Striking Strykers

Some months ago I remember coming across an advertisement for a 28mm M1126 Stryker that would also be produced in 15mm.  When my Summer arms build up began that mental note popped up and I started looking for that Stryker, finding it on the Acheson Creations site. Today these little beauties showed up at the post office:

Acheson Creations M1126 Stryker with Peter Pig USMC.

Acheson Creations M1126 Stryker with Peter Pig USMC, Flytrap Factory USMC, Rebel Minis Modern American Infantry and Flytrap Factory British Marines.

Same as above.

So what do I think?  Well the mold is nice with a lot of detail, some a little dull while others very crisp.  The big plus is all the open hatches and separately molded hatches..  Also, the crew figure is a nice touch.  The M151 Protector system weapons system looks nice and is very delicate, so much so that even the smoke launchers are molded on as well.  The armament is an option of M2 Browning .50cal. or Mk.19 Grenade MG .
M151 Protector system with Browning M2 .50 Cal or Mk19 Grenade Gun.

   The only problem I have are the wheels, In my opinion they seem a little frail Width wise.  How does it scale up?  It's a bit lacking in Length, approximately 2mm.  Height to the Protector system is 2.6cm, which is spot on and Width is on the mark at 2.7cm.

Do these wheels seem small to you?

As I don't have QRF's Stryker I can't compare the two, but Acheson Creations Stryker will be a hard customer to beat.  Now to start looking for photo etch slat armor for this beast.
Thanks to Craig at Acheson Creations for getting these out so quick.

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