The Rebels have arrived!

So, for Christmas this year my wife was kind enough to get me a copy of Ambush Alley Games Force on Force with the Road to Baghdad, Ambush Valley and Enduring Freedom campaign books.  Grateful that she didn't get me the usual gift of socks and underwear, I began to figure out what I needed for mini's and who's I was going to buy.  As Winter came to Spring and Summer I still had not decided what mini's I wanted for Modern American Army Infantry.  As of  a couple weeks ago, I  finally bit the bullet and pick up some of Rebel Minis modern American Infantry and Chinese Peoples Liberation Army miniatures.  After a wait of about a week and a half a nice little packet showed up with these gems.

US Modern Infantry
Rebel Minis Modern US Sniper pack,

Modern US Infantry. Setof 21 mini's

Modern US Infantry Command Pack. Also as set of 21.

 All in all these are nice molds.  They are a little taller than the Peter Pig USMC (see my 15mm comparison pic below) and, less "heroic" as Peter Pig.   As for the kit, all the weapons are there, M4, M203, SAW and Javelins.  Personal gear looks to be the new Improved Outer Tactical Vest, but some of these guys are mounted with square packs on their backs and those, I'm not to sure about.  Could be radio's could be backpacks, defiantly not CamelBaks though.  If anyone can shed more light please drop me a line.  The only criticism I have is of the prone MG stand, they are a redesign of the sniper stand and as such have the troopers wearing boonie caps.

The Chinese PLA

Chinese PLA Infantry.

Chinese PLA Heavy Weapons.

 These mini's look great as well, very crisp molds.  The Infantry, which consist of 21 mini's, seem to be equipped with Type 95 assault rifles and the Heavy Weapons dudes, which make up 6 mini's, look to be equipped with Type 85 Heavy Machine Gun's, M99 or JS05 Sniper rifles and the ubiquitous RPG.  As I'm not up on Chinese kit, I can't comment on authenticity, but again, they look very good.  Hope this helped.


Shawn at Ambush Alley Games said...

The square packs are probably Medic packs, as those tend to be squarish. Could also be used for radios.

Shawn at Ambush Alley Games said...