More WIP

So, after hobbling home in pain after work on Tuesday, I decided to book off Wednesday and make it a long weekend of recovery for me.   While taking it easy I wanted to get some more work done on my USMC project.  Here are more pictures of my Peter Pig Marines:

I also decided to try my hand at scrim on a couple helmets:

And for transport I wanted to snaz up Irish Serbs AAV-7A1 by adding the grenade launchers ammo belt to the Cadillac Gage turret and framing for crew storage on the sides.

Still need to do a bit more works I also wanted to add Smoke grenade launchers at the back of the turret , finish the framing and add radio antenna.  Also, as all "Tuna Boats" are just covered in gear I have also tried my hand at Backpacks:

Of course it's just a start, but once done, I'll cast them up so as to make things easy next time round. 

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