Well, kinda.  If you recall about 3 weeks ago I started working on Peter Pig's 15mm USMC and after much procrastination, figuring out how to paint the rifles and goggles, I'm 99% done.  Here are some pics from my crappy camera.  These pic certainly don't do them justice.

M203 and M-16 Rifleman.

M-16 with ACOG and M249 SAW

M249 and M-16 Gunner.

Squad Leader with M-16.

M-16 Rifleman.

Squad Leader with M-16 ACOG

M249 Gunner.

M203 Gunner.

M203 Gunner.

Not sure if I'm going to add grass and still not sure about the painting of the rifles and the goggles.   Comments welcome.  Up next British Para's/Marines and USMC with Scrim.


David Cooke said...

nice looking figures!

werwulf said...


Justin said...

What colours and techniques did you use on this fab figures please?

werwulf said...

Hi Justin,
sorry for the late reply. Figures are based in flat black, then painted in Vallejo English Leather. Block paint Iraqi Sand leaving the English Leather showing through at seams and on the body armor and kit. Lighten the Iraqi Sand with white and do your highlights. Once done go back with English leather and put on you digital patterns. Basically I stippled it one with a 0/0 brush. When done I gave it a wash with Winsor Newton Raw Umber oil paint and lots of Mineral Spirits. Waiting 24 hours I went over the highlights with a 0/0 bush and straight mineral spirits to clean up some of the wash. I also went back and cleared up some of the wash that had pooled excessively in some of the seems and the like. Once dried, I lightened English Leather again with white and highlighted the body armor and kit. That about it. If it doesn't make any sense let me know and I'll do a picture guide as I've wanted to try one of those.