1st Can Para's, BUSK and Hafghanistans!

Hey all,
            No I haven't been missing in action, just took some time away from the hobby.  Work and my family has had my attention for the past 4 months or so.  Anyway, during that time I have been doing some work.  This is what I have been semi busy with:

This is the start of a 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion project I've been working on.  As I have mentioned before I have a real affinity for Paratroopers and as my wife's Grandfather was a member of a pathfinder team I thought this would be a great project to work on.

The next thing I've been tinkering with is the Bradley Urban Survival Kit for Irish Serbs M2A2 Bradley.  I'll go into more review when done but this is just a WIP.

And the last is work on FlyTrap Factories 15mm Taliban, Afghans or as my youngest son calls them Hafghanistans.  I did a REVIEW of these figs lats summer and they certainly are very nice.
Taly armed with a Lee Enfield rifle and what appears to be a US assault pack.  I did this guy in US M81 woodland camo and ACU assault pack.
This guy looks to be armed with an RPD and I did the ubiquitous M81 combat jacket again.
This Mujaheddin seems to be armed with an M248 SAW and a camel back hydration kit.  Again I went for some camo with the desert MARPAT on the camel back.

Well that's a quick check up from me.  I'll do a full write up on the BUSK in the next couple weeks once it's done.  Look forward to more Mujaheddin and hopefully Khurasan's modern Americans in the coming weeks as well.

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Phil said...

Lovely work on these figures, great paintjob with the brown colors, and nice basing too!