Robotech relaxation

Well hello!  As you at have noted I've been off air for quite some time.  For me, painting, modelling and converting tap me out after a while.  This plus my job tend to sap my creativity and I need to take a sabbatical every so often.  That and my fondness of video games means that I tend to spend quite some time on one or the other.  The past year and a bit I've devoted my time to my new PS4.  After getting bored of that it was time to get back to something creative.  I took up modelling again after about 10 years on the side line.  Started working on Airfixes 1/72 Harriet GR.1.  While doing that the boys and I started watching Robotech.  While watching I clued in that Palladium books had finally released their Robotech Tactics RPG, and back to the table I went.  So for about  a month now I've been working on  Zentradi and United Earth Defense Force mech.  This is what I've done so far.

More will be on the way!


1st Can Para's, BUSK and Hafghanistans!

Hey all,
            No I haven't been missing in action, just took some time away from the hobby.  Work and my family has had my attention for the past 4 months or so.  Anyway, during that time I have been doing some work.  This is what I have been semi busy with:

This is the start of a 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion project I've been working on.  As I have mentioned before I have a real affinity for Paratroopers and as my wife's Grandfather was a member of a pathfinder team I thought this would be a great project to work on.

The next thing I've been tinkering with is the Bradley Urban Survival Kit for Irish Serbs M2A2 Bradley.  I'll go into more review when done but this is just a WIP.

And the last is work on FlyTrap Factories 15mm Taliban, Afghans or as my youngest son calls them Hafghanistans.  I did a REVIEW of these figs lats summer and they certainly are very nice.
Taly armed with a Lee Enfield rifle and what appears to be a US assault pack.  I did this guy in US M81 woodland camo and ACU assault pack.
This guy looks to be armed with an RPD and I did the ubiquitous M81 combat jacket again.
This Mujaheddin seems to be armed with an M248 SAW and a camel back hydration kit.  Again I went for some camo with the desert MARPAT on the camel back.

Well that's a quick check up from me.  I'll do a full write up on the BUSK in the next couple weeks once it's done.  Look forward to more Mujaheddin and hopefully Khurasan's modern Americans in the coming weeks as well.


Khurasan Kristmas

So last fall, just before we moved to our new house, I ordered some mini's from Khurasan Miniatures.   Why may you ask, am I just reviewing them now, well I had my mini's packed away and haven't really got to the boxes till this weekend.  So lets take a peek at what I got in the mail last Fall.

First off are Felid Warriors.
Felid heavy Battle Circle.

Close up of main figs in the Heavy Battle Circle.

Felid PrideGuard Elite Warriors.

Close up of Minis from PrideGuard set.

Felid Pouncer Portable Missile launcher.

Felid Barron in command battle dress.

Felid Hostage Barron's' sons jet bike squad.

Felid Light battle circle main figs. 10 mini's in total.

When I first saw these last year I knew I had to have them.  I've always loved the idea of Cat people and even better Cat people in armour.  The other reason was that I was sick of the "typical alien" foes out there and thought these would be a great antagonist for my GZG UNSC.   As you can see from the pic they are all nice casts.
 I especially like the Barron commander in what appears to be power armour (what I'm going to coin it as).  The pose is stoic and the armour is just wonderful!  I also like the Helmet that is stowed on the rear hip, and what appears to be com equipment mounted on the back.  
 All mini's except the "PrideGuard" and Barron Boys are in bare heads.  The Pride Guard have helmets, but IMO they seem to be a bit to small for the size of heads, tight fit for the ears too.  Saying that I like the design of the helmet and they fit the race if, again, a bit small.  All minis appear to have laser type weapons, pistols, rifles and heavy MG's  or would that be Heavy Machine Lasers?
When I bought the mini's the only support sets where the Pouncer Missile system.  Again nice molds and the remote is a nice touch.
The jet bikes are VERY nice, featuring a single piece body that is wonderfully cast with great detail.  The torso of the riders is molded separately and 2 poses are given.  A choice of weapons are given with 3 energy weapons inserts and one rocket-launcher insert.  I can't really say anything bad about these mini's at all.  They are very crisp molds and look great.

My next purchase was Federal Defense Force Exterminators. 

Federal Defense Force Exterminator Squad.

Federal Defense Force Exterminator squad #2.

Federal Defense Force Exterminator Support squad

 These dudes lend themselves to Colonial Marines of Aliens fame. And of course that is why I got them.
     Again Khurasan does a great job with these mini's.  They definitely look the part of USCM equipped with Pulse Rifles , Smart Guns, Flamers, Sniper Rifles  and SADAR which only appears in the Colonial Marines tech manual.  Again finesse has been applied to these mini's , from the body armour, to the helmet mounted cameras and right down to the Smart Gun eye piece.  As a matter of fact one of the Smart gun mini's looks very much like Private Drake, while the other his partner Vasquez.


Federal Defense Force Exterminator squad in Extreme Environment suits.

The Extreme Environment suited dudes look right out of the Colonial Marines Tech Manual or out of Alien!

Again they are all equipped with Pulse Rifles and Smart Guns.  The casting is the same as the rest reviewed excellent!

One of the additions is this niffty little kit of the sentry gun.

And of course they need the APC:

M2189 Caiman Heavy Infantry Combat vehicle.

I just love this AFV.  The Casting is amazing with no bubbles, super crisp and great detail.  And well it looks very much the part.

Of course if you have Colonial marines you need Aliens!

Space Demons.
Again Khurasan doesn't disappoint.  These look the part and with 2 different choices of heads you can do either Alien, or Aliens aliens.  What's the difference?  Giger's alien had a smooth head and was very tall where as Winston's Aliens had  boney ridges on the head as well as being smaller and more insect or spindly like.

Of course you get 12 mini's in 4 different dynamic poses  and again cast to perfection.

The only mistake I made with this line was to order the King Space Demon instead of the Queen.

King Space Demon

  As you can see from the picture the King comes with a normal Alien head, but what I really wanted was the Queen head and Khurasan provides with there Queen Space Demon.

"Get away from her you Bitch!"
 The final thing I picked up was the Tracked Super heavy Tank and Super Heavy it is!

Super heavy Tank.

Super Heavy Tank with Smart Gun dude.

Again the resin cast is superb!  Fine molding, great detail, a few bubbles and this tank just looks the part.   Tracks, remote guns systems and cupola covers are molded in metal.  All in all a great tank for my GZG "ODST" troops previously reviewed.

So final thought, GREAT buy from Khursan and can't wait to get my hands on their Modern US Army and M1 Abrams!