Para Progress

So today I had some progress on my Flytrap Factory 15mm Royal Marines.  Now, I love Marines, USMC, Royal Marines, they both make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  But my biggest love  of the British Army are Para's.  So I decided that I would do these up as Para's instead of  Marines.  I'm sure there is some kit differences, but these are Marines.

 In a previous post I did a quick review of these minis.  Now, after a bit of work with them I can tell you these are indeed nice figures.  They are not as nice as Peter Pigs USMC, but they certainly are a very close second.  The molding is clean, with very little flash on my samples.  The weapons look good with the L85A2 with scope and underslung Grenade Launcher looks fantastic.  Even the grills around the barrel are present.  The only things that I could nit pick about are the lack of Cargo pockets on both sides of the pants.  They only seem to be present on some of the mini's, not all.  Another wonder is was appears to be a patch or pocket top molded on the upper right arm on most but on both arms on some.  Any ideas?  I haven't seen the Old Glory Modern British Infantry in person, but im going to say these are better just by the pictures I've seen.  Lets hope Flytrap Factory continues with there WARFIGHTER series, modern German Falshirmjagers, US Army and Canadians would be great!

Also, cause I got a new HD camera for Christmas and haven yet used it I thought I would redo some of my earlier picks of Peter Pigs FABULOUS USMC.

The only thing I wish I could redo on these are the rifles.  I'm not licking the Grey/white outlining so any suggestions would be great!
That's it for now, I have another 6 Para's to do up so hopefully next set of days off.


What's going on?

So it has been a very uneventful couple of months here at the Warroom.  Getting back to work after my car accident seems to have sapped much of my creative juice, that and the 13 hour days.  I have been spending a LOT of time playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360 though and last week my WONDERFUL wife picked up the Collectors edition of Aliens Colonial Marines

 Now this game had been getting really bad reviews, but I have to say it's fun, and the online play is a lot of fun.  Just need to figure out how those kids keep kicking my butt.

   I did recently visited my local hobby store Tiger Hobbies and picked up this great book on the Mig-21.

Published by Histoire & Collections in their Plane and Pilot series this is some great eye candy and will be great for when I get to painting some 1/144 Mig-21 for Yom Kippur, Iran/Iraq  and Bekka Valley air war games.  This book covers all users of the Mig-21F-13 to the Mig-21 bis and includes at least 3 to 5 color side views of versions used by that particular country as well as a quick historical overview of the use of the Fishbed by that country  This is a great series and I have already picked up a previous issue on the USAF and foreign users of the F-4 Phantom II.  Other subjects include the ME-110/410, ME-109's, FW-190's, P-40 and many more.

Also picked up while out was a Box O' 15mm M4A2 Shermans from Plastic Soldier Company for use with my USMC.  As these have been reviewed by EVERYONE I don't plan on doing one, but will do a build up specific to USMC Shermans in the coming weeks.