Robotech relaxation

Well hello!  As you at have noted I've been off air for quite some time.  For me, painting, modelling and converting tap me out after a while.  This plus my job tend to sap my creativity and I need to take a sabbatical every so often.  That and my fondness of video games means that I tend to spend quite some time on one or the other.  The past year and a bit I've devoted my time to my new PS4.  After getting bored of that it was time to get back to something creative.  I took up modelling again after about 10 years on the side line.  Started working on Airfixes 1/72 Harriet GR.1.  While doing that the boys and I started watching Robotech.  While watching I clued in that Palladium books had finally released their Robotech Tactics RPG, and back to the table I went.  So for about  a month now I've been working on  Zentradi and United Earth Defense Force mech.  This is what I've done so far.

More will be on the way!